Mickey Bohn
Attorney at Law

For more than 35 years, Mickey Bohn and his staff have provided exceptional service throughout Clark County in many areas of Law.

We offer clients the same resources as large firms, often for a fraction of the cost. Providing personalised attention to all of our client’s needs. The Bohn Law Firm has a team of experienced attorneys who can assist you with court cases, business negotiations, estate planning and other legal needs.

The core areas of our expertise include:

Estate Planning

Bohn Law Firm offers many estate planning services, ranging from simple wills to more complicated trusts. Whatever your needs, we can customize an estate plan for you.


Real Estate

Real estate disputes can result in some of the most complicated of all legal matters. They also frequently involve hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. One wrong move can have drastic consequences.



Bohn Law Firm has over 30 years of probate experience. Whether the estate is small and simple or large and complex, our firm is fully equipped to protect your rights.


Are you having legal issues and looking for an experienced attorney?

Contact us and we will work together to get the outcome you desire.